If i could interview President Obama

I there was one person I would like to interview, it would be President Obama. Obama is and iconic figure and has definitely made history. The current President isn’t very ordinary. He is the first African American President; he ended the war in Iraq, and will now, most likely start his own war. Obama is definitely not liked by; mostly because he is a black man, has a father who was Muslim, and his name is Barack Hussein Obama. There is so much I would like to ask the president, but as of right now I can only imagine. One thing I would like to know is what drove him to run for president and why does he think that he won. Some people don’t understand why he won because he has such a distinct and controversial background. I also would like to ask him what makes him so different from Bush. Because of the current situation in Syria, I would like to know why he thinks it would be a good idea to go in and why does he believe that President Bashar Al-Assad is responsible for the chemical weapon attack when Russian president; Vladimir Putin believes that Assad is innocent.



6 thoughts on “If i could interview President Obama

  1. Hello Heyyam, I really like your choice of who you want to interview. I definitely thought about Obama at first but since he disappointed me with his proposal of striking Syria, I decided not to. I don’t know what he and other official members are trying to gain out of these attacks, if not antagonizing Syria and stirring anti-government sentiments. The first people I am concerned are those innocent families and children being bombarded with so much war. I never thought that this raid of protests in mid March could ever lead to warzone. My prayers go to Syria. I just hope that war is not a solution. I think Obama should reconsider this, specially if war expenditures are going to head us to another budget crisis.

    • It’s people like my family who are suffering and have to pay the injustice of others. The sad part is that no matter what congress says, his plans will never change. Everyone in his cabinet is with him. If and when the U.S. goes in. the outcome will be disturbing; I
      guarantee it. He says that they will be in and out in no time, but he knows that’s unrealistic.

  2. Hello Heyam,
    Great choice! I had also thought of him as my choice, or possibly his wife. His story is definitely unique and personally I believe that to witness this in our lifetime is very special. Your proposed questions are very hard-hitting and I imagine would make a great interview. Nice work.

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