Syrian Novelist Khaled al-Khalifa on a Possible US Strike

khaled-khalifaKhaled al-Khalifa

Dictators bring invaders; this is an indisputable fact. Invaders never brought freedom to people, and this is another fact that we shouldn’t forget. But what we should say at this very crucial moment of our lives and the life of our revolution is that the dictators are not the only ones who brought invaders, but that they contributed to that a group of politicians and revolution-traders who sold our blood — once to Qatar and once to Saudi and once to organizations that I don’t know their nature — without the slightest sense of shame. Imagine Samir Nashar and Zuheir Salem representing this great revolution — how strange!

“Do you want to know my position?

“I am against the US military intervention and I have my reasons, I , the son of this revolution, whether you like it or not.

“In a situation like ours, blood-traders and the Coalition should all admit that they are partners with the dictators, and they are just a copy of them and not a copy nor representative of the honesty of our revolution.

“I will say no more,

“You have to stand before the mirror, you who got paid for our blood, before you say facts we know about the fascist dictator and sectarian regime. But you should be neither fascist, dictator, nor sectarian if you want to be part of our revolution.

“Listen carefully:

“Tell me when did the invaders bring freedom?

“At the end I will never be in favour of any American intervention in our area, because I know them very well. They could have defended the values from day one of our revolution and could have helped us, but they waited till the country was destroyed.

“The fall of the regime will satisfy me, but I don’t want our revolution to be incomplete after all this blood. This is not a letter for history but a farewell letter to all my friends if I die. If I die amidst this shelling or for any other reason, I want my friends to bury me in an unknown grave that only my friends and my beloved will know its address.”


We’re ready to go’ if ordered on Syria chemical weapons response

We’re ready to go’ if ordered on Syria chemical weapons response

I don’t know about you; but I’m pretty scared of what the outcome could be. Is the U.S. just going to repeat another “spread of Democracy” like they did in Iraq? The estimated documented Civilian deaths in Iraq from beginning to end was 114,339-125,296. Further analysis of the WikiLeaks Iraq war logs may add another 11,000 civilian deaths. The chemical attack in Syria alone killed an estimated amount of 500 to 1,300. This would be the world’s most lethal chemical weapons attack since the 1980s.


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